Jazzy N Mumbos

We are a 100% volunteer run non-profit thrift store

FINALLY, a place for pet owners to come when they need help with the furry family member! We are a place where you can come to, that may help you with anything pertaining to your pet(s) when you need it.


We have had the pleasure of helping, we just don't have pictures...

Sheena - Needed help because she was attacked by another dog.

Rabbit - Needed teeth cut because the pet store she was at, never took care of that

Gizzmo - Was dumped off in a neighborhood and a caring family took him in. After repeated attempts of finding his family... he needed to be trimmed up a bit and washed as he was matted and had an odor.

Smokey - was playing in the yard with her mom and dad. She stepped in a hole and broke her little leg. She needed help with xrays and meds.

Pearl and Pad - Just needed a little litter to get them by till mom could get some.

Gracie and Lucy - Needed help getting their nails clipped.

Mt. Stepherd mix puppy - Needed help with the payment of the wellness exam

Bones - Needed help getting out of doggy jail.

KeeKee - Needed help paying for shots and meds for his urinary track infection

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